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NIALL FERGUSON: The iPIGS, don’t forget Italy!

29 May
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PIGS are borrowing at mafia loan shark rates!

27 May

   Source: BBC

Chart of the Day – US 1 Year CDS price more expensive than Indonesia and Slovenia!

26 May

Market whispers are creeping up and there seems to be some increased concerns over a US default as budget talks continue between Democrats and Republicans. CNBC Asia reported earlier that US 1 Year CDS rates are currently higher than Indonesia and Slovenia. G8 leaders are also meeting in France to discuss a wide range of pressing financial issues. US 1 Year CDS trade volumes however remain minute relative to the total US debt outstanding.

Source: Markit

Another interesting point is that the price of the US 1 year Treasury yield is currently 0.18%, which is almost at the lowest rate year-to-date. Mr Market is sending mixed signals.

16 May 2001 – US officially bankrupt (post-stimulation!)

16 May

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