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Taiwan tainted food scandal gripping the nation, China tightens crackdown

11 Jun

The China Daily reports:

“The Chinese mainland has suspended imports of 948 Taiwanese products, including beverages, food products and food additives that are produced by 280 companies suspected of using a cancer-causing plastic additive, according to a notice issued by the Food Safety Commission on Friday.

In mid May, Taiwan’s health department announced it had found food addictive supplier Yu Shen Chemical Co. to have illegally added cancerogenic plasticizer DEHP in clouding agents and sold toxic agents to a number of food and beverage producers.

The plasticizer contamination scandal has swept the island’s beverage and food industry, with the toxic substances even found in products sold by high-end restaurants and pharmacies.”

The China Times also reports further on the toxic effects of DEHP:

“DEHP is widely used as a plasticizer in the manufacture of items such as medical tubing and intravenous bags.

Children are especially prone to the harmful effects of high doses of DEHP, which can lead to testicular or kidney damage and fertility problems.”

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