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Peter Schiff’s Interview From The Panic of 2008 Film

19 Jun

Peter Schiff’s economic analogies

21 May

A collection of potent metaphors reflecting the current state of the US economy. Reminders are always beneficial for those who are aware. While I do not subscribe to all of Schiff’s views he’s core direction in terms of promoting gold, silver, oil and foreign currencies against the US dollar is something which most apt investors are attuned to.

Some of the quotes: 

“They might as well nominate my six year to be treasury secretary. At least he would play with his toys instead of screwing up the economy.”

“We’ve just been going on a consumption binge, where we borrow money like drunken sailors from the rest of the world, and blow it!”

“The American did nothing all day but sun himself on the beach, he had a service economy!”

“The boom is the problem, the bust is the solution.”

“The government is like a kid experimenting with a chemistry set, and eventually they are going to blow us all up.”

Best quote:

“If a kid tells his teacher he has a straight A policy, but he skips class and he doesn’t study, he’s not going to get A’s just by saying he has a policy. The treasury can say they’ve got a strong dollar policy all they want but if we’ve got Ben Bernanke debasing the money it is going to go down.”

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8 May
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