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The NLRB wants to tell Boeing how to run its business

12 Jun

How can we grow and create new jobs while the NLRB crushes business competitiveness and increases hiring costs. More madness ensues.

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How to destroy American manufacturing in 7 minutes

14 May

There are few reminiscences of American manufacturing remaining in the US. The economy has tilted overwhelmingly towards a system of borrowing and over-consumption. The debt ceiling officially hits its limit on Monday 16 May 2011.  Kimberly Brown, American Rights At Work executive director believes Boeing shouldn’t be able to relocate its manufacturing units because this is being done to undermine worker resistance at existing facilities. What is likely to pursue is years of litigation in the courts wasting millions of dollars which could have been spent on R+D. The opportunity cost is deafening. The parallels between the US and Greece are becoming less blurry. We can’t continue pretending that we are not bankrupt; labour mis-behaviour is likely to intensify harming economic prosperity and confidence.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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