The hypocrisy of it all – Pelosi and the debt ceiling

16 May

Don’t waste your time delving through the entire video. Basically a barrage of Pelosi rhetoric of desperate measures for desperate times.  She actually sounds quite reasonable and orderly.

Kudlow puts in succinctly:

“Medicare, it’s going broke five years ahead of schedule because the economy’s been so lousy. But actually Medicare is broke now on a cash flow basis. The benefits exceed the revenues. Doesn’t this put the heat on to do something about Medicare? In this deficit deal.”

Pelosi reply:

“The Budget Office says the three biggest contributors are two unpaid wars, tax cuts for the wealthiest in America and Medicare Part B prescription drug Bill. We should reverse that and should subject every federal dollar to the harshest scrutiny.

The hypocrisy of it all is that Pelosi has done nothing to restrain the prolific spending habits of Congress. In fact her only contributions have been to further expand and legislate additional spending programs. The economy’s capacity to withstand immorally high levels of unprecedented debt is showing unnerving signs of collapse.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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