Ten water facts

15 May

An interesting list from MoneyWeek:

1. On average, a British person lets eight litres of water flow down the sink while they clean their teeth.

2. Europeans use up to 25 times the amount of water on a daily basis as their developing-world counterparts.

3. Two-thirds of the world’s fresh water is used to irrigate crops.

4. Americans drench their gardens with seven billion gallons of water a day.

5. Due to population density, the south east of England has less available water per head than Sudan.

6. Eighty per cent of China’s rivers are too polluted to support fish.

7. 1.1 billion people globally have no access to clean water.

8. North America has 8% of the world’s population, but access to 15% of the world’s water supply. For China the figures are 21% and 7%.

9. Flushing the toilet in the UK uses more water than an average African has for cooking, cleaning, washing and drinking each day.

10. Ten different countries rely on the River Nile for water.


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