Why Google should buy Twitter

12 May

There have been all sorts of noises about mergers and buyout rumours circling Twitter.  Adventurous IPO valuations, private equity involvement, Twitter is the talk of the town and with good reason. Twitter redefined search in the same way Google once did, and Page and Brin appreciate that. Google has been clogged with search results that are heavily duplicated with a barrage of third tier websites like eHow with how to peel an orange. Measures to mitigate spam websites like eHow are a positive step. Search results though are usually outdated and filtering them by date returns disparate and sketchy results.

Humans are very special and simple, and, we err frequently. We approach things with haste and we are deficient in patience and perseverance. The toils of daily life and our engagements with our worldly affairs entrench us in a certain frenetic lifestyle.  Any websites that can alleviate that pressure and create order to the chaos that shapes our daily lives are favourably received.

Take a supermarket, for example, everything is under one roof and the same applies to Twitter in terms of news aggregation. The development of the mobile internet platform, and by extension, mobile computing, only enhances the Twitter experience. Trying to navigate between websites on a mobile phone, manoeuvring our fingers around with all sorts of distinctive hand gestures is somewhat awkward and frustrating. Twitter has streamlined search and provides the feed functionality across a single platform. It has refreshed search and is causing similar vibrations that Google had once done. The hybrid functionality of connecting individuals and businesses is another silver lining.

Google search results for Facebook pages are clearly distorted and manipulated. Facebook with 600 million followers gets so little exposure in proportion to its worldwide influence, accessibility and usage.  I believe Twitter can also be a very potent competitor to Google in a number of verticals. Just consider some of Twitter’s recent scoops: first to tweet about the Bin Laden events, releasing Microsoft’s quarterly earnings early, the Hudson plane crash and so on. In addition, there are so many ways to scale up advertising efforts on the existing Twitter platform.  The basic function of Twitter to amalgamate news postings across hundreds of different websites and users harmonising search across one platform is a dangerous proposition; one which Google is intimately aware of. Twitter is the ticket for Google to make meaningful progress in the social cloud, you know, Microsoft was once innovative and adventurous.

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